A 24 year veteran of the underground Hip-Hop scene and turntablist community, DJ Killa-Jewel has rocked decks across Canada, the U.S., Europe, Asia and Australia at some of the most prestigious clubs, concerts and festivals to date. Well known for her collaboration with Thud Rumble’s DJ Q-Bert in his ‘Do It Yourself Vol. 2’ DVD, Killa-Jewel’s participation in numerous DJ battles including the Canadian DMCs, ITF Scratching Categories (NYC), the World Vestax Extravaganza (Japan), and the Red Bull Thre3Style Canadian Finals (Calgary) solidified her place amongst the best in the industry, and has propelled her to the top of her class.

In addition, Killa-Jewel has spent years fusing Hip-Hop with the theatre milieu by composing “turntable music” live for theatrical productions, and touring extensively with Canadian actor and director Robert Lepage. Having worked on and released her first unofficial album, Saudade, in 2014, her first official debut EP Reckless was bursting with anticipation. Reckless is a project that brings the classic, Boom Bap Hip-Hop era with the dry, bassy, 808 rhythms and sounds of mainstream Cloud Rap. Collaborations with Nate Husser, Wasiu, Ras Kass and Sereni-T, along with the use of her own voice as a singer on the record further solidifies her status as both a producer and performing artist.

Killa Jewel’s influences are varied, adding to the everchanging complexity of her music. Influences include DJ Shadow, Amon Tobin, DJ Q-Bert, Kid Koala and Radiohead. Despite the ways in which she incorporates her own influences within her work, DJ Killa

Jewel’s work is unique to a T. She writes all her own music and spends a large amount of time considering conceptual takes on her work, which bring an element of theatricalism and originality to her work. Her first unofficial EP Saudade especially showcases this. Her use of sampling feels so distinct and personal to her, likely due to the fact that by her own admission, she keeps running a list of songs that make her feel something, that act as inspiration to her and help her avoid any creative slumps.

DJ Killa-Jewel has faced multiple artistic reinventions throughout the past couple of years, changing her style and evolving at a constant pace, she encapsulates the essence of a modern artist. She has incorporated all of these reinventions into her upcoming album she’s working on, as a follow up to her impressive debut Reckless. The album’s working title is Sagittarius and is partially inspired by High Klassified’s work, evolving every 4-8 bars on average and keeping the listener guessing the entire way through. A performer to her core, Killa Jewel is looking forward to bringing this new album to life onstage with her signature high energy and turntable-centric performance style. She’s most looking forward to performing some of the new DJ sets she has created over the past year, in addition to her new album material. Julie’s main goal as an artist is to bring listeners on a sonic journey of sorts, an aim that ties in closely with her personal philosophy, viewing life as one big trip.

She produces her music like this, starting at the beginning without ever planning where the track will end up. She hopes listeners are taken on this same journey, being continuously inspired and surprised by her music, never knowing what to expect and loving it all the more for it.


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